What is WissenX:

WissenX is a trust based knowledge marketplace. It is a community of knowledge seekers (members), who want to connect with knowledge providers (mentors) across various industries, domains and geographies listed on WissenX, to interact with over a seamless audio/video conferencing system via pre-booked meetings.

Whether it’s a mentor in the energy space in Europe or a strategic advisor on logistics in Asia, an industry expert in the aerated beverages vertical in North America, or an acclaimed university professor with insight and research around governance in the corporate world; there is infinite scope for various verticals of knowledge that can be shared across industries, on a global scale.

WissenX is a in essence a knowledge exchange of professionals, by professionals, for professionals.

Our solution:

WissenX’s DNA comes from a deep ethos:

  • Knowledge is the only truth. It’s the crucible of progress.

  • Knowledge sharing is a responsible act, and therefore has to be engaged with due cognizance for the highest ethical, compliance and regulatory standards.

  • Those who possess knowledge and impart it to others have to derive mutual value out of such sharing.

With this philosophy well ingrained, WissenX operates as a marketplace platform.

Industry experts (mentors) across industries, domains and geographies, list themselves on WissenX, to offer a whole host of professional information about themselves, and offer their guidance at an hourly mentoring rate.

It allows knowledge seekers (members) to search for a mentor, request an appointment, book a meeting, engage in a pre-booked audio / video conference call, pay for the knowledge transfer during the course of a given session, and provide reviews of their experience with the mentor.

Our mission:

Even after fifteen years of all-pervasive search engines and social media platforms dominating how we interact with the world there is boundless knowledge residing with several individuals that remains untapped.

Our current vertical focus is restricted to industry expertise across specific domains and geographies. However, as WissenX grows, this need and ability to seek out the right mentor for the right knowledge across multiple faculties will be limitless.

Our ultimate goal is for our members to be able to search, reach out, and engage with that “perfect and unique needle in a global haystack”. Our mission is to democratize and free up the access to knowledge providers across multiple geographies and domains.